Lego Releases Minecraft Competitor

The inevitable has occurred. Lego has eventually formed a video game that is a lot like Minecraft.

Obviously, what made Minecraft so special when it was released in 2009 is that it was so much like … playing with Legos.

The video game is called Lego Worlds. Like Minecraft, it enables players to build and socialize with worlds of their own, using Lego bricks that are virtual. The video game was developed for Lego by TT Games.

Lego has made Lego Worlds available for downloading now, despite the fact that it’s still in beta. The point would be to let players give Lego responses “for continual developments and also the integration of additional content over time.”

For people who aren’t in the know, this is far from the first video game of Lego. Over time, the firm has released numerous Lego games — some pegged to films like Harry Potter and Star Wars. This really is the first from Lego that closely resembles what Swedish video game developer Mojang realized with Minecraft.


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